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Apr 7

Lott's Community Garden Increases Yield With Potato Harvester



In this week’s Community Spotlight, Tally Food Web is proud to share the work of a local garden near Tallahassee: Lott’s Community Gardens! At Lott’s Community Gardens, volunteers help grow and harvest produce for the Second Harvest of the Big Bend food bank. Each season, thousands of pounds of produce are harvested directly for the food bank.


After speaking with the staff at Lott’s Community Gardens, a group of students from the FSU Presidential Scholars program recognized a need for certain gardening equipment, such as a “potato harvester”. The potato harvester is a machine that lifts and harvest potatoes from the ground, sieving out excess soil. Harvesting potatoes with such machinery contributes to less food waste and in turn, allows Lott’s to deliver more fresh produce to the Second Harvest food bank in Tallahassee. The third cohort of Presidential Scholars worked together to bring this issue forward to the Tallahassee community, holding a share night at Tijuana Flats, and even starting a GoFundMe fundraiser. The funds collected were later provided to Lott’s Community Gardens for the purchase of the potato harvester.



Volunteering at the garden is a wonderful way for college students to get started on community service, while making a difference in food insecurity within the greater Tallahassee area!


To volunteer, please contact Edwin Lott using the contact information below.

Contact: Edwin Lott 850 566-8421


Thank you for your attention, and keep a look out for our next Community Spotlight!


--Written by Michael Hong

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  • On Monday, January 7th, over one-hundred volunteers—myself included—made their way out to the Second Harvest of the Big Bend Tallahassee warehouses on Entrepot Boulevard for a morning of community service led by Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner-Elect Nikki Fried. A lawyer from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Fried is the first woman elected to the position of Commissioner of the Florida Department of Agriculture, and the first Democrat to hold the position in seventeen years. The event at Second Harvest on Monday was orchestrated in part to welcome Fried to the City of Tallahassee, but also to bring a large group of people together to help their fellow community members. With so many people volunteering, the work went by quickly—many of our freshly-formed “teams” had finished sorting through boxes upon boxes of food, bagging produce, and inspecting donated items well before the event’s close at noon. As Fried toured the warehouse, she was met with a picture of what true service camaraderie can be: over a hundred strangers, young and old, working together to fill a community need. --Written by Erin Christopher