Address: 127 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304



Our mission is to educate the individual, engage the student body, and empower the community at large to combat the causes and consequences of hunger in the greater Tallahassee area.


The Tallahassee Food Web, or TallyFoodWeb, is the Public Service Initiative created and run by the 3rd Cohort of Presidential Scholars at Florida State University. The Presidential Scholars Program is more than just FSU’s top academic scholarship—it’s a leadership initiative centered around service to the community, using Florida State’s resources to develop driven individuals into ambassadors of positive influence. Each cohort of Presidential Scholars develops a Public Service Initiative, one focused on a topic of great importance selected by the Cohort’s members. Through the guidance of our instructors, seniors, and personal experiences, students learn how to best serve the community through a service-based project, one that aims to persist long after the Cohort graduates from Florida State.


TallyFoodWeb is our effort to fight for social justice in the food industry by combating the food desert that envelopes thousands in Tallahassee and the greater Leon County area. TallyFoodWeb was created with the goal of coordinating and centralizing the efforts of local nonprofits geared towards feeding the hungry. Through this platform we aim to serve those in need of help, those wishing to volunteer, and organizations offering food-related services by presenting to each the relevant information, and encouraging the community at large to come together to fight food insecurity.

TallyFoodWeb sorts its information for the three groups into three main pages.


On the Hungry page, those by food insecurity can find information regarding various local organizations and their efforts to help those in need. In this tab, users can access pages dedicated to individual organizations that detail their location, purpose, contact info, and requirements.


In Helpful, volunteers can find volunteer opportunities offered by local, food-based nonprofit organizations and their contact information in efforts to help fight food insecurity in Leon County.


The Directory combines the above two pages into a complete, easily downloadable list of food-related service organizations in Tallahassee.

The Hub is an interface designed to facilitate interaction between all users of the website. It is a space for organizations to post about upcoming events, volunteering and donation needs, and host discussions about how to fight the Tallahassee food desert.